CII Forms Indian Digital Gaming Society (IDGS)

CII Forms Indian Digital Gaming Society (IDGS)

Oct 13, 2018

Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) has formed a society – the “Indian Digital Gaming Society” (IDGS), a not for profit organisation comprising of various stake holders of the Indian Digital Gaming Ecosystem.  IDGS will provide platform for the young start-ups and youths to unleash their creativity and contribute towards digital economy of the country. Digital Gaming sector will open up new avenues of skilling and help create more job opportunities in India

IDGS will catalyse the Indian Digital Gaming industry to effectively contribute to India’s economic growth and become a trust worthy global partner. Society will work closely with the central and state governments and academia towards enabling the growth of the digital gaming industry.

Mr Rajan Navani, Founder and President, IDGS, said “With the Indian Gaming market across mobile, PC, console and e-sports growing exponentially,  IDGS fulfils the need for industry led body to bring stakeholders across the ecosystem together, including Government, to nurture and grow a global opportunity for Indian industry in the creative world just like IT Services opened India to the world three decades ago”.

The digital gaming segment has emerged as an industry in itself, with global corporates investing heavily towards the development of this sector. The global gaming market is estimated at US$ 110 billion. However, India, in-spite of being one of the largest users of digital products and services, is in a nascent stage with respect to the digital gaming industry.

IDGS Advantages

Strategic Direction Setting - For envisioning future opportunities for growth, capabilities, and competitiveness, etc.

Policy Advocacy Support - Provide Information on Policy Provisions and create a platform for effective industry - government dialogue

Consultancy Services – Hand holding for new entrants

Knowledge Platform - Insightful reports and newsletters, seminars, workshops

Opportunity Alerts - RFIs/ REPs, National and global tenders, etc.

Progress Tracking - Track Progress of Projects and Facilitate relevant dialogue.

Outreach - Across Platforms to shape an Informed Discourse

Policy and Progress Advocacy

Represent - Industry, aspirations and concerns, provide unbiased perspective to policymakers

Review- Progress of Procurement and development with the government

Engage - With national and State governments in policy formulations to create an enabling environment.

Policy and market research

Track - The Global digital gaming industry, identify new trends, map impact and pin point opportunity areas

Analyse - Policy opportunities to maximize potential

Capitalise - Capability mapping of Industry specific products and services to create a repository of innovators and manufactures

Emerging technologies and New Opportunities

Monitor and Create - Access to Emerging Technologies for gaming application

Create - An International network of industry associations to enable access to state –of – the -art technology

Incubate - Locally developed technologies in public and private Sector

Indigenization and Innovation

Engage - Institutes of technological and management excellence for indigenization and innovation in digital gaming.

Promote - sustained engagement between industries, R&D institutes and innovative technology Ventures

Combine - Operational experience and technological expertise into innovation

Export Promotion

Raise - Awareness of the Indian digital gaming Industry on a Global by Publishing capability reports and Convening platforms

Showcase - Domestic industry in international digital gaming exhibitions

Facilitate - Interaction between foreign delegation and Indian Industry

Provide - Consultancy services to foreign companies seeking to outsource to India.

Education and skill development

Promote - Digital Gaming technology and management as an integrated multi - domain curriculum.

Facilitate - Skill Development programmes for the digital gaming industry through partner organisations