OPA Felicitated Benny Landa

OPA Felicitated Benny Landa

13th February, 2019 was a golden day for Offset Printers Association (OPA), it is on this day OPA delegation visited office of Landa Digital Printing at Rehovot, a city located at 40 minute sdrive from Tel Aviv, Israel for the ‘Darshan’ of Benny Landa – the father of Digital Printing.

Born on 2nd June 1946, Benny Landa is an Israeli entrepreneur and inventor. He founded Indigo Digital Press in 1977 and The Landa Group in 2003. He is the path maker who stunned the world, especially the ‘People-in-Print’ at IPEX in 1993, when he unveiled the E-Print 1000 - the world's first digital colour printing press. Benny Land revolutionized the printing industry once again by introducing yet another technology – Nanography in the year 2003 that brings digital printing to mainstream production.


After selling the Indigo Digital Printing to Hewlett-Packard in the year 2002 for US$ 830 million, Landa established The Landa Group for nanotechnology research. Working with nanoparticles, Landa and his team sought to capture environmental heat from the surrounding air and convert it into electricity. Landa’s research group observed that many materials exhibit unusual properties at the nano-level. They used that discovery to experiment with pigment colorants for print production. Landa created Landa Digital Printing to further commercialize the nanotechnology solution for printing. The group developed a printing ink using the Nano pigments, called Landa Nano Ink and an offset digital printing process called Nanography.


The Offset Printers Association (OPA) delegation led by Prof. Kamal Chopra, General Secretary OPA and Chairman PAMEX, felicitated Benny Landa being the creator and living God for the Printing industry.  While highlighting the printing industry of India and activities of AIFMP, Prof. Chopra seek his blessings for the 250,000 printers of India and invited him to visit PAMEX during January 2020 at Mumbai.


While appreciating the visit of OPA delegation to his office and factory, Mr. Benny Landa highlighted the activities being conducted in the factory and arranged the visit of factory and laboratory for the OPA delegation. Later printed samples from the latest machine were also given to all the delegates.


Mr. Ashwani Gupta, Treasurer of AIFMP and member of the delegation said, “It was a mesmerising trip, meeting the Father of Digital Printing and visiting his factory was truly an ‘eye opener’ for us. I am really thankful to Prof. Kamal Chopra for arranging such a visit, we had an excellent interaction with Benny Landa”.