Thailand's Fourth Phase Easing of Lockdown Measures Include - Lifting Night Curfew, Green Light for Meetings, Exhibitions, Trade Fairs

Thailand's Fourth Phase Easing of Lockdown Measures Include - Lifting Night Curfew, Green Light for Meetings, Exhibitions, Trade Fairs

Thailand has announced the fourth phase easing of lockdown measures effective 15 June 2020.
The relaxation includes more reopening of businesses, such as organization of meetings, trade fairs, and events at hotels, convention, and exhibition centers Hotels and restaurants are among the
sectors given more room to operate. Meanwhile, Phuket International Airport has been reopened
for domestic flights starting from 13 June, making all international airports in Thailand being in
operation mode. Foreign entry into the Kingdom, however, remains restricted.
businesses and enterprises given the green light to operate are as follows:

1. Night curfew is lifted.
2. International schools, educational institutes, and universities conducting international courses,
tuition schools, schools under the administration of border patrol police, and schools where the
total number of students do not exceed 120 can conduct learning, teaching, and training but must
comply with disease control measures. The opening of other school's educational institutes and
universities is subject to the discretion of the Ministry of Education.

3.Economic activities
3.1 Meetings, training, seminars, exhibitions, trade fairs, banquet, cultural performances or
other kinds of activities held at hotels, theatres, convention centers, exhibition centers, cinemas or
other permitted venues
3.2 Restaurants, food shops, hotels can resume serving alcoholic drinks but sales promotion
activities are prohibited Pubs, bars, karaoke bars are not yet allowed to operate.
3.3 Nurseries, elderly care center s, welfare centers for children and the elderly can operate
daily services.
3.4 Science parks and cultural centers
3.5 Filming or TV production with the crew working team not exceed ing 150 and the 50
spectator s at a maximum

4.Health and recreation activities
4.1 Body steam, herbal steam, group body steam, facial massage at a health spa or health
care service establishments, or traditional Thai massage services. Massage parlor s are, however, not
yet permitted.
4.2 Group exercises in public parks, or open-air venues
4.3 Water parks, children playgrounds, theme parks, except temporary installments, such as
inflatable toys.
4.4 Sporting or exercising venues, sporting activities, sports instruction are allowed. Sporting
competitions can be organized but viewing is via broadcast only Cock and bullfighting rings and
fighting fish rings are not yet permitted.
4.5 Game machines, coin-op games in department stores and community malls

5. Interprovincial public transport in all modes is allowed but operators must strictly abide by the
disease control measures.

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